Keep installed software up-to-date with Avira Software Updater

Install software and it’s soon out-of-date. Developers release rapid updates when they find issues, often reported by end users.

Having the latest version can be important. Software can conflict and slow your PC, be compromised, wrongly report information and need to be updated to support the latest operating system patch. Unless you’re prepared to go through every single installed application, it’s tricky to keep on top of the available updates.

Avira Software Updater 2 is a free tool from the trusted German security developer. Install it on your PC and it will immediately go to work by scanning your entire system for installed software and then checking against a database of available updates. It will then report what is available and warn if your software is out-of-date.

That’s the good news. The less good news is that many applications are not supported, particularly all those small tools from independent developers which are updated frequently (and the tools you really want to keep updated). Avira Software Updater supports all the core brands you might expect it to support, but many of these tools include an update feature anyhow. Your web browser, Microsoft Office, Adobe CC and similar tools all keep one eye on available updates.

Avira Software Updater now supports drivers updates, with mixed results. We ran a test on our PC and it claimed not a single driver was out-of-date. Contrast this against Driver Booster which reported three core drivers were outdated, listed the version number, date of the original driver and the updated driver.

Although Avira Software Updater is a free tool, a Pro version is available for a subscription of $31.99/year. What does the Pro version offer? No adverts, 1-click updating, plus automatic updates, so it can run in the background and perform updates whilst you get on with your work. But is that functionality worth a $32/year payment?

Download Avira Software Updater 2.

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