Take a personal trainer on the road using Freeletics

Everyone has a favorite go-to workout routine to keep fit. Do you prefer to spin, participate in CrossFit, head to the gym and figure your own routine or, perhaps, an all-body circuit class? There is no shortage of options, but sometimes too many options can get confusing and it’s good to get some guidance based on your goals.

One solution is your own personal trainer, in the form of your smartphone. Luckily you can take your smartphone anywhere (often including the gym), meaning there’s no reason why you can’t have a program downloaded to an app.

Freeletics is one of the better training apps, combing an online and in-app solution which delivers a full range of training options and easy-to-follow fitness programs to get you in shape. Freeletics can be an alternative to a crowded gym, expensive trainers and full classes by enabling you to train at home or the local park.

Freeletics is not short of options, either, including dozens of workouts, which all are named after Greek gods as they are intended to transform your body into one! Workouts solely rely on bodyweight moves and utilize high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to get you in shape. You can expect to be doing burpees, bodyweight squats, pull-ups, sprints and press ups as part of the routines you will find on the app.

The first thing you will be asked when you start Freeletics is your current goal (get lean, bulk and so on), including endurance or strength options. If you don’t know what you’re doing, every single exercise on the app has a video form guide to explain to you how to perform the move in a safe and efficient manner. The app coaches you through the workouts and you won’t get dropped in the deep end, and as you progress you can post to the community and get encouragement from others.

As with most fitness apps, Freeletics is based on the freemium model so you will get limited free workouts to start with, but if you want some coaching and nutrition you have to invest for three months at a time. Something we can actually get behind as it should increase your commitment to the cause.

When you pay for a Coach subscription, you receive an individual training plan, performance-based challenges to make sure you are keeping on course and much more. Currently, the Coach option is billed every 6 months, at £54.99. There’s a Nutrition version of the app, too, which offers a number of eating plans, in addition to the training material, for £82.49 across six months.

Download Freeletics for iOS and Android.

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