PayPal now offers payments in Gmail, Google Pay, YouTube and more

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PayPal has extended its partnership with Google so it now offers more payment options to its customers.

By integrating more deeply with Google, PayPal now allow you to seamlessly make payments in the likes of Gmail, YouTube, Google Pay and Google Store. As there is support for any service that makes use of Google Pay, users will also be able to make peer-to-peer payments.



PayPal has been working with Google for some time already, and the service has been a payment option in Google Play for a number of years. The expansion of this partnership means that there are now more options available, and Google will be able to keep users on its sites for longer as they won't now have to disappear away to PayPal to make a payment.

In a blog post about the partnership, PayPal's Bill Ready says:

We already partner with Google to make it easy for our shared users to pay via PayPal in-store, online and in-app with Google Pay and on Chrome mobile web at millions of online merchants using their PayPal accounts and their device authentication.

Today, we're extending that partnership to deliver more seamless payment experiences across the Google ecosystem. Soon, users in the US who add PayPal to any one of Google's services will be able to pay across the Google ecosystem, anywhere that PayPal is offered as a payment method, with only minimal setup.

PayPal and Google

He goes on to say:

For example, when a user adds PayPal to their Google Play account, it will automatically enable their linked PayPal account and make it available as a payment option across popular Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Pay and Google Store, including where Google offers peer-to-peer payments, without the user needing to log in again.

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