PNY announces 512GB Elite microSDXC card

You can never have too much storage capacity. For instance, when it comes to microSD or SD cards, nothing is worse than running out of room when on vacation -- you shouldn't have to decide which memories to delete from your camera. Not to mention, when shooting 4K video, you can run out of storage even quicker these days.

Today, PNY releases a new Class 10, U1 micro SD card to address this dilemma. With a monstrous 512GB capacity, you can be sure that your camera, drone, tablet, or other device that leverages the micro-sized card will have plenty of room for storing content.

"PNY Elite 512GB microSD Cards provides the capability of saving and storing over 80 hours of Full HD video content, or over 100,000 pictures (at 18MP size), up to 100,000 songs, or any combination that your creative mind can develop. This means, more time creating videos, taking photos, making memories and less time transferring files so that you can get back on the road for more," says PNC.

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The company further says, "With speeds of up to 90MB/s, PNY Elite 512GB microSD card offers fast transfer speed and the included SD Card Adapter allows you to use it with your DSRL, MIL cameras and others. Invest your time in making new memories and less time worrying about saving them."

Of course, such a drool-worthy product will not come cheap. The MSRP for the PNY 512GB Elite microSDXC card is $349.99. For comparison, a SanDisk 400GB microSD can be had on Amazon for under $200. Unless you truly need the massive 512GB, you should probably save your money and go for something more affordable. If you want or need the massive 512GB, however, it might totally be worth the premium.

7 Responses to PNY announces 512GB Elite microSDXC card

  1. So around the same price as my partner's Nintendo switch that really needs a storage upgrade :( I will probably have to look to the SanDisk offering instead. Humor aside, PNY seems to make great products every time.

    • barely_normal says:

      Check the warranty. PNY is not good at backing things with a stated warranty, i.e. completely backing out of "lifetime" memory warranty, and curtailing the length of other items that bear their brand [video cards, etc.] I have no gripes with stated quality, but we all know why guarantees are necessary.

    • Adrian S says:

      i doubt you would need that sort of transfer speed for a switch, so you could go for something cheaper.

  2. Adrian S says:

    I use Lexar myself, i have a Lexar in my Panasonic G80, one in my JVC camcorder, a load of Lexar usb memory sticks. Sadly Lexar is now owned by a Chinese company, so I am not sure if I will stay using them, depending if they keep the quality up. i have never had a problem with a Lexar product, not even the memory stick I left in my jeans pocket and put in the wash, the case fell off, but after drying the stick worked fine and I managed to take the data off it and it is still working, I glued the case back on :) .

    512Gb is a bit much for my use, 64Gb is fine, I need to get some more mind you for the camera.

  3. dalethorn says:

    I've purchased 4 each of Sandisk 128 gb a couple years ago and all failed when they got to about 2/3 full. Used lightly these cards work OK, but consider the time and effort in getting all of that data on the card and then having a failure. There's no compensation for that.

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