BetterCloud adds activity-based alerts to boost G Suite security

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SaaS management platform BetterCloud is launching a new activity-based alerts solution for Google to strengthen security for G Suite applications.

The solution enables organizations to continuously monitor event-related activity for malicious or unauthorized behavior, and automates security responses to rapidly address security risks.

"The explosion of SaaS has left organizations with far too many applications to manage and a deluge of data to rein in," says David Politis, CEO and founder of BetterCloud. "Every second of every minute, people are taking actions within SaaS applications such as downloading files, forwarding emails, installing external applications and more. Identifying and assessing anomalous behavior in these circumstances can be highly challenging -- and lacking the ability to respond quickly can result in data slipping through the cracks. We heard this first-hand from customers and are now doubling down and expanding support to G Suite to ensure organizations have a way to eradicate security threats and protect business data in real-time."

Activity-Based Alerts is now available for Google, Okta, Dropbox and other SaaS applications that BetterCloud supports. It monitors critical file activity so that sensitive company data remains in the proper hands. When an unauthorized user -- internal or external -- views or downloads a file, IT is immediately alerted for quick response.

IT and security teams can set up policies that revoke sharing settings on the document as required. Parameters for monitoring and alerting are customizable and can be set based on everything from level of data sensitivity to the individuals and groups that own the data.

BetterCloud also monitors users' login and access behavior in G suite. This means a sign in from an unusual location can automatically trigger an action to remediate potential security threats associated with these accounts.

You can find out more by visiting the BetterCloud website.

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