Developers must give their apps a privacy policy or Apple will kick them out of the App Store

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Apple has announced that all apps submitted to the App Store must have a privacy policy, including those apps which are undergoing beta testing.

The change is due to come into force on October 3, and after this date any app lacking a privacy policy that lets users know how their data is being used faces ejection from the App Store.

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It is not clear what percentage of apps that are currently in the App Store do not have a suitable privacy policy, but with the current consumer interest in data privacy -- and the recent GDPR laws in Europe -- Apple's new requirements are hardly surprising.

In an update posted to the App Store Connect page for partners, Apple says:

Starting October 3, 2018, App Store Connect will require a privacy policy for all new apps and app updates in order to be submitted for distribution on the App Store or through TestFlight external testing.

The announcement goes on to point out: "In addition, your app's privacy policy link or text will only be editable when you submit a new version of your app".

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