Fedora 29 Beta Linux distro now available for download with improved Raspberry Pi support

If you are going to use Linux on the desktop, you might as well use Fedora. Why? Well, it is a pure open source experience. I mean, why switch from Windows to a distro that isn't entirely focused on FOSS? You should go all in! Not to mention, it uses very modern packages while retaining stability. Oh, and it uses the best overall desktop environment, GNOME, by default. It's no wonder the father of Linux, Linus Torvalds, uses it.

The next version of the operating system is Fedora 29, and today, it achieves Beta status. It features updated packages, improved support for Raspberry Pi, and more.


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"Highlighting Fedora 29 Beta is the addition of modularity across all Fedora editions. First delivered in Fedora 28 Server, modularity enables multiple versions of the same software (like Node.js) to be selected on a per-system basis, with parallel installation done through containers. This can provide some users the ability to use tried-and-true versions of software while enabling other users to work with just-released innovation without impacting the overall stability of the Fedora operating system," says Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Leader.

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Miller further says, "The importance of ARM to IoT has not been lost on Fedora, and Fedora 29 Beta aims to make the Fedora operating system a home for both ARM and IoT. These features start with enhanced ZRAM support for swap on ARMv7 and aarch64, which can improve the performance and reliability of Fedora 29 Beta on ARM Single Board Computers, like the Raspberry Pi. These devices are used by 'makers' and in developmental IoT solutions."

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The following base packages have been updated on Fedora 29.

  • Python 3.7
  • Perl 5.28
  • glibc 2.28
  • Gloang 1.11
  • MySQL 8

I don't normally recommend installing pre-release Linux operating systems on production machines, and with Fedora 29, I still don't. With that said, I have historically experienced great success using Beta versions of Fedora, and I am confident you will too. There are no guarantees, however -- you could experience crashes, data loss, or death! OK, maybe not death...

If you understand the risks, you can download Fedora 29 Beta here.

Photo Credit: Ken Felepchuk / Shutterstock

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