Google offers huge discounts on YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium for college students

When you are a college student in the USA, money is usually very tight -- unless you come from a wealthy family. Sadly, education and housing costs are astronomical these days, often making the stereotype of eating lots of Ramen soup a reality. Finding money for entertainment can be extremely difficult, but hey, at least YouTube is free (thanks to ads)!

Google offers two premium YouTube services -- YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium -- which unfortunately cost money. The former costs $9.99, while the latter is $11.99. This puts it out of reach of many university students. Today, however, the search  giant is giving these learners a massive discount on the services.

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"Earlier this year, we introduced the new YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscription plans to help users get more from their YouTube experience. YouTube Music is a new music streaming service with official albums, playlists and singles, as well as a vast catalog of music videos, remixes, live performances, covers and more -- all with ad-free, background and offline access. YouTube Premium extends that ad-free experience across all of YouTube, and includes access to YouTube Originals," says Google.

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The search giant further says, "Today, we're introducing new student plans for YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, giving eligible university and college students discounted access to a world of music, original series and movies -- all ad-free and at a wallet-friendly price. Looking for some classical music to concentrate while studying for finals or a crowd-pleaser playlist for that end-of-semester party? Need a great binge-worthy series for winter break like Cobra Kai or Origin? Could you use a physics boost from astrophysicist and former MIT professor Walter Lewin? We've got you covered!"

As you can see above, the discounts are significant, but there is actually a way for students to get an even larger reduction on Premium. By signing up before the end of January 2019, you will get it for a dollar less per month -- just $5.99. Nice!

To take advantage of this offer, simply use the below links.

Music Premium


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