StarTech launches two new 4K Dual-Monitor USB-C Multiport Adapters

USB-C is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The connector is reversible, meaning there is no wrong way to insert it. USB-A, conversely, was hugely annoying in this regard -- for many years, computer users had to suffer through the madness. Not to mention, since the USB-C connector is much smaller, it can be utilized by smartphones and tablets in addition to desktop computers, and laptops.

Of course, there are times when you may need to connect a device that doesn't use USB-C, such as an Ethernet cable, computer monitor, or USB-A flash drive. For this, you can purchase individual dongles, but it is more convenient to simply get a multiport adapter instead. Today, StarTech launches two new such models -- the DK30C2HAGPD and DK30C2DAGPD. They are very much the same, except the former uses HDMI while the latter is compatible with DisplayPort.


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"Perfect for compact workstations or the road warrior, these new USB-C multiport adapters support HDMI (DK30C2HAGPD) or DisplayPort (DK30C2DAGPD), providing exceptional performance at your desk, on-the-go or when making conference room presentations. For a compact workstation, users can connect to dual monitors, Ethernet and extra USB Type-A ports without having to sacrifice valuable desk real estate for the dock. When it's time for a meeting, the compact size of these mini-docks makes it easy for users to take them into the boardroom and present their content. Users can effortlessly showcase their material across two monitors, making presentations requiring two displays, no longer an obstacle," says StarTech.

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The company also says, "The true differentiator for these adapters is the inclusion of a DisplayPort Alt Mode switch. This switch allows users to choose between higher display resolutions or faster USB speeds. It ensures that, depending on the user’s specific needs, they can get the most out of their device's performance when using the adapter. Choose dual 4K30 (or single 4K60) resolution with USB 2.0 port speeds if applications require better display resolutions with more basic USB devices connected (such as keyboard and mouse). Users can easily switch to the faster USB 3.0 and downgrade display resolution to dual 1080p (or single 4K30) when more focus on transfer speed is required (such as external hard drive)."

StarTech shares the following features and specifications.

  • Portable USB-C multiport adapter with flexible HDMI (DK30C2HAGPD) or DisplayPort (DK30C2DAGPD) dual monitor or single monitor video outputs: dual 4K 30Hz, dual 2K 60Hz or single 4K60Hz
  • User-controlled display output resolutions and USB transfer speeds with easy-to use DP Alt mode switch
  • Power both the adapter and your laptop with 100W Power Delivery 3.0 (85W laptop charging) using a USB-C power adapter
  • Connect your devices with 2x USB-A ports - 1x USB 3.0/2.0 and 1x USB 2.0
  • Add wired network connectivity with the GbE Rj45 port
  • 1m USB-C Gen 2 cable for greater flexibility and signal stability

Carey Cline, Senior Product Manager at StarTech shares the following statement.

This new series of USB-C dual monitor multiport adapters provides users reliable connectivity and unbeatable versatility in a small, compact device. The user can choose between better display resolution or faster data transfer, while also experiencing the latest power delivery (laptop charging) technology. Our continued focus on expanding our broad line of multiport adapters is helping to ensure that regardless of the specificity of the customer’s needs, we’ll have a multiport adapter that is perfect for completing their solution.

Both models are available immediately. The HDMI variant is on Amazon for $128.99. The DisplayPort model can be had from StarTech directly for $155.99. To buy your own, simply use the below links.

  • [amazon_textlink asin='B07HVF8Q3G' text='DK30C2HAGPD' template='ProductLink' store='betanews02-20' marketplace='US' link_id='b54f6c4d-1050-11e9-a739-e7f613da7496'] (HDMI)
  • DK30C2DAGPD (DisplayPort)

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