Yubico reveals its first Lightning security key for iOS devices

Yubico offers a selection of security keys that can protect your data and which work with a growing number of popular apps and websites. They can replace passwords, or provide easy -- and strong -- two-factor authentication (2FA).

Today at CES, Yubico revealed a private preview of YubiKey for Lightning, bringing the company’s physical token authentication to iPhones for the first time

Wondering why it has taken so long for Yubico to support iOS? The company says that historically Apple’s mobile operating system has presented its developers with "some challenges", but it’s finally managed to surmount those. It received approval for its new product through Apple’s MFi Program just days ago.

YubiKey for Lightning is a multi-protocol hardware authenticator designed with both USB-C and Lightning connectors, and which will provide seamless authentication across compatible desktop and mobile devices.

Yubico hopes to have the new key on sale later this year, but there is still much work to be done.

Developers or services that would like to work on the YubiKey for Lightning Program (an extension of the company’s Lightning Project announced in August 2018) are invited to apply from today. Selected participants will have access to the private preview of YubiKey for Lightning and also the Yubico Mobile iOS SDK for Lightning.

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