Logitech upgrades G403, G703, and G903 gaming mice with HERO 16K

They say when something isn’t broken you shouldn't fix it, and that is largely good advice. I mean, just look at how Microsoft "improved" Windows 7 with the abomination that was Windows 8. Or even more infamous, Coca-Cola and it’s "New Coke."

With that said, sometimes you can truly add to a product that seems to not need fixing and end up with something much better. Today, Logitech does exactly that. It has taken a trio of mice that consumers already loved and simply upgraded them with the excellent HERO 16K sensor. This is the same treatment given to the G502 in May and the MX518 in February.


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"To help gamers get the most from their gear, all three gaming mice can be customized using Logitech's G HUB advanced gaming software. Featuring a clean and modern interface, the software allows gamers to quickly personalize their gear per game, share and download profiles with others and more," says Logitech.

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Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming explains, "Since its introduction, our exclusive HERO sensor has been a breakthrough in sensor technology, and people love it. Rolling this out across more of our gaming mice just made sense, and we’re excited to offer more gamers the accuracy and battery life needed to perform at their best."

Logitech shares details below.

  • The flagship G903 is upgraded with the best-in-class HERO 16K sensor, which delivers precise gameplay and 10x the power efficiency of the previous generation. This results in an incredible 140 hours of battery. The G903 includes: Logitech G’s LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology, compatibility with Logitech G’s POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System, immersive 16.8M LIGHTSYNC RGB, ambidextrous design, and up to 11 programmable buttons for precise game play.
  • Designed to comfortably fit in your hand, the G703 LIGHTSPEED is also upgraded with the HERO 16K sensor for incredible tracking performance and accuracy. With the G703, Logitech focused on reducing overall weight to 95g, while improving battery life to up to 35 hours on a single charge. LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology provides precise gameplay at 16,000 max DPI and zero smoothing, plus enhanced wireless performance, and it is compatible with the Logitech G POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System.
  • Rounding out the updated line-up is the G403 HERO. With a lightweight, ergonomically designed shape, and new HERO sensor, the wired G403 HERO gives users the tracking accuracy and performance they need to win. It also features LIGHTSYNC RGB, a 10g removable weight and six programmable buttons that can be tuned to gamers’ exact preferences.

All three mice will hit the market this month. The G403 HERO will sell for $69.99, while the G703 LIGHTSPEED is $99.99, and the G903 LIGHTSPEED will go for $149.99.

Image credit:  Geopic/Shutterstock

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