Microsoft's Windows 1.0/Stranger Things tie-in just got stranger

Microsoft has been running an amusing series of tweets on its Windows social accounts. It announced Windows 1.0 back on July 1, and then followed up it across the week with additional Windows 1.0 images and videos.

While some people, and some news sites, were seemingly confused by the move, it was clear from the start for a lot of us that it was a Stranger Things 3 tie in, seeing as the new season is set in 1985, the same year that Windows 1.0 arrived. But although each new tweet has made the link clearer, today’s one also includes an intriguing twist.

For Independence Day the Windows team posted an image from a Stranger Things episode rendered in Windows 1.0, further proving the link between its series of teases and the popular 80’s set sci-fi show.

Today’s video screen shows Windows 1.0 loading, but below that is the Netflix logo and the command (if you were quick enough to spot it) to "Watch Stranger Things 3".

So far, so obvious. But that tweet is also accompanied by the intriguing message:

Before we move forward, are you sure you're ready to go know where? .--- ..- .-.. -.-- / ---..

The Morse Code translates to "July 8", but the new season of Stranger Things dropped on July 4, so what has Microsoft got planned for Monday?

I guess we will find out then.

Thoughts below please.


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