Keep your Raspberry Pi 4 cool with this brand new case with built-in fan

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new version of its uncased credit card sized computer two months ago, claiming it to be powerful enough to be used as a complete desktop system.

While the Raspberry Pi 4 is easily the most capable iteration to date, the truth is you can’t really use it in place of a PC. I have the 4GB model, and it struggles massively whenever I try to do anything even slightly taxing. It also gets very hot.

There’s not too much you can do about performance, but the heat issue can be addressed, and today Pi Hut announces the release of a new Raspberry Pi case with a built-in 5V cooling fan.


Manufactured in Pi Hut’s own warehouse, the case includes the following features:

  • Laser cut acrylic
  • Easy to assemble case
  • 5V fan included
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Built-in air vents
  • Available in Matt Black

It’s surprisingly affordable at just £10/$12.54 and you can order it today from here.

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