Logitech unveils 'Made for Google' K580 wireless keyboard and M355 mouse for Chrome OS

Earlier today, Google officially announced its latest Chromebook -- the affordable Pixelbook Go. While it is designed for portability, it can double as a makeshift desktop by connecting a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Since the Pixelbook Go only has USB-C ports, and one of them will be needed for video out and the other for power, this means you will pretty much need a wireless keyboard and mouse for a proper desktop experience.

Today, Logitech launches its first-ever "Made for Google" accessories -- the K580 wireless keyboard and M355 wireless mouse. Both of these products are designed for Chrome OS, but they should work with other operating systems too, such as Windows 10 and macOS. The K580 keyboard also has a cradle at the top to hold a smartphone -- you can then switch between Chrome OS and your phone by pressing a button.

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"The K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard features all the keys you need, including a 'Google Assistant' key, a dedicated row of Chrome OS shortcut keys and a number pad, in a compact layout that elevates the overall look of your desktop. Enjoy a whisper-quiet, laptop-like typing experience on the keyboard's slim keys with scissor switches, enabling you to work efficiently and comfortably. The keyboard’s battery lasts for up to 36 months and includes an auto-sleep feature that puts the keyboard into a battery saving mode whenever it’s not in use, so you can further extend the time between battery changes," says Logitech.

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The company further says, "The Logitech M355 Portable Wireless Mouse is slim, sleek and ideal for use with any of your Chrome OS devices. The ultra-quiet mouse offers more than 90 percent noise reduction, while still providing that satisfying 'click' feel in use, and the rubber scroll wheel glides effortlessly and silently. It's light, very comfortable with it’s pebble shape and portable, so you can carry it with you and work from anywhere. Thanks to dual-connectivity, you can choose to connect through Bluetooth or the included Logitech USB receiver. And, with Logitech’s high-precision optical tracking, the Logitech M355 Portable Wireless Mouse can work on almost every surface. The battery lasts for up to 18 months, and also has a battery saving mode when not in use."

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Art O’Gnimh head of the mainstream business group at Logitech provides the following statement.

As Chrome OS continues to grow in popularity, the need for perfectly designed quality peripherals is growing too. With the arrival of the Logitech K580 wireless keyboard and the Logitech M355 wireless mouse, Chrome OS users will enjoy accessories that are stylish, compact and precise, but more importantly, optimized for use on their devices.

Strangely, the keyboard and mouse are powered by two different battery types -- the K580 uses two AAA batteries, while the M355 uses a single AA. Both only come in one color -- graphite (gray). Even though they will work wonderfully together, they are sold separately -- so you can buy just one or the other. The keyboard will sell for $49.99, while the mouse will be $20 less at $29.99.

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