KB4517389 is causing even more problems with Windows 10 than first thought

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That Microsoft's updates for Windows 10 have been problematic is hardly a revelation, but the scale of the problems just keeps on growing.

We have already written about numerous bug-ridden updates, including KB4517389 breaking the Start menu and Edge. Now this same update is being blamed for display issues and random BSODs.

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Posts on the Microsoft community forums show that the problems that have received attention so far are not the end of the story when it comes to KB4517389. Some users -- including Walter Farrell -- complain of BSOD problems, and error messages referencing cldflt.sys. While Microsoft has yet to acknowledge as much, KB4517389 is thought to be to blame as removing the update eliminates the issues.

As reported by TechDows, there are also reports of BSOD issues when using Affinity software. Again, removing the update fixes the problem.

The update issues do not end there. WindowsLatest also reports that when KB4517389 is installed on systems with certain versions of the Intel display driver, there are rendering issues with the Start menu, Google Chrome and search in Windows. In this instance, affected users have a choice between uninstalling the update, or rolling back to an older version of the driver.

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