Automated solution helps speed up response to phishing emails


As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, spotting phishing emails is increasingly difficult. Even if a user reports something suspicious to the IT security team it can take time to analyze it before others can be warned.

Security automation specialist LogicHub is launching its Autonomous Phishing Triage, which automatically and accurately analyzes and classifies emails with 97 percent accuracy, reducing the number of alerts requiring human analysis by 75 percent or more.

"The triage of reported phishing emails is one of the most time-consuming tasks for SOC and incident response teams," says Kumar Saurabh, CEO and co-founder of LogicHub. "It is critical that these security teams find a way to accelerate phishing triage, so they can spend less time investigating false-positive phishing alerts and more time on valuable and strategic projects. Phishing triage is the perfect example of how LogicHub automates security analyst workflows and decisions."

LogicHub Autonomous Phishing Triage is available as an application and as a customizable environment for integration into security operations center workflows and playbooks. An intuitive interface lets security analysts quickly review results and kick-off response workflows with a single click.

Using a powerful decision engine it can automatically prioritize any alert feed, recommend decisions, and reduce response times. By incorporating best practices in phishing email analysis and triage, LogicHub reads and parses email from a phishing mailbox, rapidly assembling context and analyzing multiple email components, including sender and header metadata, links and attachments, and keywords in the body.

You can find out more on the LogicHub site. It's also possible to test the system for yourself by sending suspicious emails to [email protected], LogicHub will respond with a report within five minutes.

Image Credit: wk1003mike / Shutterstock

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