Dropbox Transfer exits beta and lets you share files of up to 100GB


If you need to send large -- and we mean LARGE -- files to someone, your options are a little limited. However, thanks to Dropbox Transfer, you now have a new possibility to explore.

Previously available in beta, Dropbox Transfer is now available to everyone. It's a cloud-based tool that lets you share files of up to 100GB in size with others, and even if you have used the beta version, there are now new features to explore.


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The idea behind Dropbox Transfer is to eliminate the hassle of setting up access rights to files and folders stored in the cloud. As Dropbox explains: "Sometimes you simply want to hand off files. No giving people edit access to your originals, no links that let people download updates you make later -- just, 'Here are your files!'"

And this is precisely what Transfer enables you to do. You can send files up to 100GB in a matter of clicks, and the person you're sharing with doesn't even need to have a Dropbox account -- just share a link, and that's it. Security is available in the form of password protection and time-limited access.

In a blog post about the rollout to a wider audience, Dropbox says:

As we bring Transfer to everyone, we've added a few new features to make it easier and more customizable. You can now start a transfer from the Dropbox desktop and iOS apps in addition to dropbox.com. Plus, you can access transfers that others send to you through our iOS app. And we're giving you the ability to customize the design with a background and logo that will appear when recipients view your transfers.

Get started over at dropbox.com/transfer.

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