Laplink makes it easy to switch to Windows 10 with its Windows 7 Migration Kit

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It is now mere days until Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7. The company, as well as security experts, are keen to get as many users as possible onto Windows 10 so they do not find themselves in the position of not receiving updates.

For many people, though, the prospect of upgrading is daunting -- so Laplink is trying to help out. The company has announced the release of Windows 7 Migration Kit. Designed with both home and business users in mind, the software bundle includes PCmover Professional, DiskImage and SafeErase for a special, low price.

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Research suggests that more than a quarter of Windows 7 users do not want or do not intend to move to Windows 10. But Thomas Koll, Laplink Software CEO, has a warning: "It is possible to keep using Windows 7 indefinitely, but at some point, there will be a nasty exploit".

This is why shifting to Windows 10 is seen as so important. Buy a new PC with Windows 10 installed, and Laplink's Windows 7 Migration Kit includes everything that's needed to transition to the new machine. PCmover Professional is on hand to move programs, files and settings to the new computer, SafeErase lets you securely wipe your old hard drive, and DiskImage allows for the creation of backups for peace of mind.

It has been suggested that too much is being made of the fact that Windows 7 will receive no more updates, but it is important not to be complacent.

Olaf Kehrer, CEO of O&O Software, says that for Windows 7 users for whom Extended Security Updates (ESU) are either not an option or not financially viable, end of support will leave them vulnerable:

If a major security flaw is found in Windows 7 and Microsoft provides an ESU fix to their paying customers, there could be enormous public pressure on Microsoft to provide that security patch to all Windows 7 users. Users will argue that the patch is not new functionality, but rather something that should have been present in Windows 7 all along. However, Windows 7 users without ESU should not assume they will get bailed out, as I expect Microsoft will resist the pressure by responding that Windows 7, like most products, had a limited warranty and that January 14 date has passed.

You can buy the Windows 7 Migration Kit for just $19.95, saving 80 percent off the normal price of the individual tools.

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