Microsoft claims massive speed boost in preview builds of Edge

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Anyone using the Dev or Canary builds of Microsoft Edge gets to try out all of the latest features and improvements early, and Microsoft says that the latest builds boast huge speed improvements.

The enhanced performance is significant. Microsoft claims improvements of up to 13 percent -- meaning that this is the sort of speed boost that should be noticeable in use, not just measurable in tests.

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In a blog post about the performance boost, Microsoft says: "Starting with Microsoft Edge build 81.0.389.0 on 64-bit Windows 10, we've enabled new toolchain optimizations that should provide a substantial performance improvement in general browsing workloads".

The Microsoft Edge team goes on to say:

We've measured an up to 13 percent performance improvement in the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark when compared to Microsoft Edge 79. Speedometer measures performance by simulating user interactions in a sample web app across a number of DOM APIs and popular JavaScript frameworks used by top sites, and is generally regarded as a good proxy for real-world performance across a number of different subsystems including the DOM, JavaScript engine, layout, and more.

If you want to try out the preview builds of the browser, head over to the Edge Insider page.

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