New solution helps defend business endpoints

Endpoint protection

As attackers become more sophisticated, perimeter defenses are becoming less effective at protecting networks. Particularly so as endpoints may roam from network to network or utilize resources in cloud data centers that are not under direct corporate control.

To give IT security analysts increased visibility into what is happening at their network endpoints, security-as-a-service company Cygilant is launching a new endpoint security solution.

Cygilant Endpoint Security, included as a part of the company's Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solution, means companies can ensure that malware or breach attempts originating from their workstations or servers can be detected and halted.

It's an agent-based solution that collects real-time security data from a company's critical assets, detects suspicious files, services and other activity -- and then streams alerts for further investigation and action.

"Attacks on businesses of all size have become more sophisticated. Cybercriminals are using traffic that traditionally wouldn't be blocked at the perimeter to gain access to network systems and data," says Kevin Landt, vice president of product management at Cygilant. "At the same time, with the recent and rapid growth of remote working due to the global pandemic, there is added urgency to better understand what is entering or leaving your network. The combination of Endpoint Security with our cybersecurity experts gives companies the visibility and protection they need."

You can find out more on the Cygilant site.

Image credit: AlexLMX/ Shutterstock

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