Logitech G and Herman Miller launch $1,500 'Embody' gaming chair

In life, there are luxury items that aren't achievable by the average consumer. For instance, while many people can afford a car, they probably have to settle for a Ford or Kia rather than a Lamborghini or Ferrari. You know what? That's OK. No one ever said life was fair, and ultimately, some people simply have more money than others. And so, there are specific products designed for those with excess cash.

For example, Logitech G has partnered with Herman Miller on a new variant of the existing “Embody” gaming chair, and it is quite expensive. This piece of furniture costs $1,500! Believe it or not, given its quality and features, it doesn't seem to be overpriced either. Embody features seven points of calibration, allowing it it be customized for top comfort. It also has "posturefit technology" where the chair's back conforms to the sitter's spine. Best of all, it ships completely assembled -- there is no need to use tools or follow confusing instructions.

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"The Embody Gaming Chair will meet the demands of pro players and streamers and is the first item in a line that will also include a height adjustable desk and monitor arm. By combining Logitech G’s understanding and expertise in gaming with Herman Miller’s deep knowledge of seating and ergonomics, we are committed to building the next generation of high-performance gaming furniture that players need to turn sitting into a healthy experience and that helps them play at their best," explains Logitech G and Herman Miller jointly.

The companies further say, "The Embody Chair allows gamers' bodies to be properly aligned, balanced and comfortable. To address that, there are a number of enhancements made, including cooling foam with copper-infused particles that support the ideal gaming posture and reduce heat build up caused from sitting on thick cushions for a prolonged period of time, and pixelated support, which distributes weight evenly, reducing pressure and encouraging movement -- both of which are key to maintaining healthy circulation and focus."

Logitech G and Herman Miller share specifications of the chair below.

● Back Height: 42 - 45”
● Seat Height: 15 - 22”
● Width: 29.5”
● Depth: 15 - 18”
● Weight: 51 lbs
● Max Load: 350 lbs.

If you want to buy your own Embody Gaming Chair, it can be purchased here for $1,495. It will begin shipping on August 24. The chair is made in the USA and comes with an impressive 12-year warranty -- it is built to last.

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