Low-code platform boosts development and helps overcome skill shortages

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With more and more companies embarking on digital transformation projects, the amount of developer talent available is hampering progress.

Enterprise low-code specialist Mendix has commissioned a study from Forrester into the real-world value of using low-code.

It reveals that an enterprise's investment in the Mendix platform can yield total quantified benefits of more than $20 million over three years. That includes $8.1 million in application delivery savings, $6 million in operational efficiencies from applications developed using the Mendix low-code platform, $3.3 million from accelerated time to market for new products and services, and $3.1 million in incremental revenue from improved customer engagement.

The Total Economic Impact (TEI) study is based on the experiences of actual customers including two North American businesses -- an insurance company and a real estate broker -- which have been using the Mendix platform for 60 months and 102 months, respectively.

"The TEI study illustrates that low-code is no flight of fancy technology," says Derek Roos, co-founder and CEO of Mendix. "The Mendix low-code platform profoundly impacts the way organizations work. Companies have been using Mendix for years to drive significant business results -- and other organizations can realize the benefits of low-code, too."

Features and functions including the Mendix visual modeling system reduce reliance on traditional programming and can speed development by six to 10 times. It also means businesses can test new ideas and carry out experiments fast and with minimal cost, and help foster a culture of innovation in the business.

"The robust, complete Mendix platform enables organizations to solve problems by enabling blended teams to collaborate, driving efficiencies and doing more in less time," says Roos. "Enterprises can bring their digital solutions to market faster, realizing an improved ROI at a faster pace, as well."

The full report is available from the Mendix site.

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