Linux Foundation launches new community for finance professionals

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The Linux Foundation is today announcing the formation of the FinOps Foundation to promote the discipline of cloud financial management through best practices, education, and standards

With support from founding members Apptio, Cloudeasier, Cloudsoft, CloudWize, Contino, Kubecost, Neos, Opsani, ProsperOps, Timspirit and VMware, the foundation is set to increase awareness and offer education for professionals in the emerging discipline of FinOps.


In the same way that DevOps has revolutionized development by breaking down silos and increasing agility, FinOps is set to increase the business value of cloud by bringing together technology, business and finance professionals with a new cultural set, knowledge skills and technical processes. This type of disruption and transformation is also where the open source community and industry-wide collaboration play critical roles in enabling a whole new market opportunity.

"Over recent years, most companies have experienced opening the 'Pandora's Box' of the Public Cloud," says Aymerc Thas-Pinot, CEO of Cloudeasier. “The ease of consumption and availability of innovative services have been opposed by the necessity to understand, forecast, and report on the IT costs of every project. FinOps aims to solve this equation with the setup of processes, teams, and tools, which will make companies take full advantage of all Public Cloud benefits. As a FinOps pure player, it was an obvious choice for Cloudeasier to be part of the FinOps Foundation adventure. We are thrilled to participate, contribute, and learn, together with the Foundation, to set the next industry standard for Cloud Finance Management."

The FinOps Foundation includes nearly 2000 individual practitioner members across the globe, representing more than 1200 companies. Also launching today is the formalization of the FinOps Service Provider, Certified Platform Provider and Training Partner programs, aimed at helping businesses find cloud solutions that are proven in the financial management space.

Aled Sage, head of FinOps at Cloudsoft says, "Cloudsoft is proud to be a member of the FinOps Foundation and we are excited to be part of the growing community focused on developing and sharing best practices in Cloud Financial Management. Our customers need to innovate without exploding costs. Therefore, the best practices established within the FinOps Foundation are crucial to gaining optimum business value from the cloud."

You can find out more on the FinOps Foundation site.

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