System76's Pop!_OS 20.10 Ubuntu-based Linux distro now available for download

Just yesterday, we told you Ubuntu 20.10 was finally available for download. This was exciting, as it is the most well-known Linux-based desktop operating system on the planet (other than Chrome OS, maybe).

Of course, having the most recognizable name does not make Ubuntu the best Linux distro. In fact, I can confidently say it is definitely not the best. And that is because Pop!_OS exists.

If you aren't familiar, Pop!_OS is computer-maker System76's own desktop operating system that is based on Ubuntu. What the company does with Pop!_OS, essentially, is improve upon Ubuntu with tweaks and changes to make it even more user friendly. Ultimately, Pop!_OS has become much better than the operating system on which it is based. Is System76 standing on the shoulders of giants? Yes, but so what?

Today, System76 announces the availability of Pop!_OS 20.10, and as you can guess, it is based on Ubuntu 20.10 "Groovy Gorilla." In other words, it contains all aspects of the new Ubuntu such as security updates, Linux Kernel 5.8, and GNOME 3.38, but also, it contains unique additions too.

As someone who uses a 4K monitor, I am glad to finally see fractional scaling in Pop!_OS. You can now scale from 100% to 200% in increments of 25. This means you can better customize your display to your liking. For me, 200% is too high, so I am looking forward to trying out some other scales.

Staying on the subject of monitors, Pop!_OS 20.10 comes with external monitor support in hybrid graphics mode. This is useful for those that have a laptop with both Intel and NVIDIA graphics and connect an external display. No longer will you have to reboot to change modes.

What is particularly amazing, however, is stacking -- something that was added to version 20.04 of the operating system after its initial release. System76 explains this new feature below.

Similar to the tabs in your web browser, stack tiled windows atop one another for easier organization. First, use Super + S to convert a window into a stack. Using Super + Enter and your arrow keys or Vim shortcuts will add a window to your stack. You can also launch an application into the stack using Super + / to add it automatically. Super + Left or Right arrows cycles between windows in the stack. Lastly, move windows out of the stack and press Super + S to convert it back to a standard window.

Keep in mind, Pop!_OS 20.10 is not just for System76 hardware. For the most part, all hardware that can run Ubuntu can also run Pop!_OS. If you want to give the operating system a try -- and I highly recommend you do -- an ISO can be downloaded here. If you do give it a try, please tell me how you like it in the comments below.

Image Credit: HomeArt / Shutterstock

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