Microsoft releases an off-schedule update to PowerToys


Having released the experimental PowerToys v0.28 earlier this week complete with the video conference mute feature, Microsoft has now released an update to the stable version of its Windows 10 utility collection.

We were not expecting to see an update to PowerToys v0.27 just yet, but Microsoft has produced one out of the blue. The company says it deemed the release "important" as it addresses a number of issues.

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Microsoft says that the next "major planned release" will be PowerToys v.029, which we can expect to see towards the end of this month. In the meantime, however, there is PowerToys v0.27.1 which is described as a "patch release" that is "important for stability".

In all there are five key problems fixed, found in FancyZones and Color Picker:

  • #8330 - FancyZones not waiting for me to release Shift. The primary bug is fixed. We discovered an edge case #8511 that is not resolved in this larger fix. We felt the larger fix was worth getting out without the edge case being solved.
  • #8378 - Memory leak in FancyZones. Our fix actually improved performance when showing the zones on high res and high DPI scaling screens
  • #8339 - FZ editor is correctly handling multi monitor when the laptop built-in display is turned off.
  • #8322 -Editor Crash on removing colors from the history where there is none
  • #6594 - Color Picker hangs while holding activation keystroke

You can grab the latest version of PowerToys from GitHub.

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