Plugable launches USBC-7IN1E USB-C hub for Windows 10, macOS, and Linux

USB-C is amazing. The reversible connector is so much more convenient than the older rectangular USB-A plug. Not to mention, since USB-C is smaller, computer manufacturers can rely on it exclusively for connectivity, allowing thinner laptops than ever before. Need USB-A, Ethernet, or a card reader? There is a USB-C dongle or adapter for that!

Rather than buy an individual dongle, it is much more cost-effective to simply buy a dock or hub. Today, Plugable launches its latest such product. Called "USBC-7IN1E," it is a beautiful 7-in-1 USB-C hub that offers two USB-A, gigabit Ethernet, micro SD, SD, and HDMI. It also has a USB-C PD (Power Delivery) port. It is compatible with Windows 10, macOS, desktop Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and iPadOS

"The USBC-7IN1E uses one of the best chipsets available on the hub market to ensure universal compatibility. This new hub has lasting power and quality that others in the space lack. Users can depend on the USBC-7IN1E to work with a wide array of products, including Windows 10, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, iOS, and iPadOS systems with compatible USB-C ports. This USB-C multiport adapter was created to be a hub for everyone, letting Plugable do the work so that users can have confidence knowing the hub will work with their laptop," says Plugable.

The company also says, "With the inclusion of support for DisplayPort 1.4 (DP 1.4), the USBC-7IN1E can achieve resolutions of up to 4K 60Hz, rather than the standard 30Hz. As one of the few in the space that offers this, the new addition makes this hub the perfect solution for those workers, gamers, or creatives who need to work off of monitors at higher refresh rates and resolutions. With this, users won’t need to downgrade their monitors or peripherals in order to include the USBC-7IN1E in their workflow, as long as their system supports DP 1.4."

The beautiful USBC-7IN1E USB-C hub can be had from Amazon immediately here. While the normal price is $34.95, for a limited time, you can get an additional $5 off. That's right, a premium hub from a respected name for less than $30. Please be sure to click the coupon box before adding it to your cart.

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