Microsoft's Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo Xbox controllers are environmentally friendly

Microsoft loves to release special editions of its Xbox controllers with fun colors and designs, and apparently, consumers really enjoy buying them. After all, if these controllers weren't selling well, it is doubtful Microsoft would bother to continue putting them out. Are these special controllers just money-grabs? Sure. But hey, if people enjoy them, so be it

Today, Microsoft announces two new special edition Xbox One controllers -- Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo. Both look very cool, but I happen to prefer the former -- that green reminds me of yummy Mountain Dew. Color and design aside, these controllers are extra special, as they are environmentally friendly too. You see, this is the first-ever Xbox hardware to be produced with post-consumer recycled resins. In other words, Microsoft is keeping some plastics, such as old compact discs and water jugs, out of landfills. Nice.

"Inspired by the energy and vibrance often found in athletic apparel and sneaker design, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Electric Volt is the newest color in the current generation of Xbox controllers. The high-vis yellow top case punches hard against the matte black hybrid D-pad while the white back case adds even more dimension to the design. Textured grip on the bumpers, triggers, and back case help provide greater control through every gaming session," explains Navin Kumar, Director of Product Marketing, Xbox.


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Kumar further says, "With a palette of deep reds, paired with grey and black, Daystrike Camo brings a streetwear vibe to your game. It also includes features standard of the new Xbox Wireless Controllers like the Share button, hybrid D-pad, and textured grip on the triggers. For the first time ever, the Daystrike Camo Special Edition incorporates textured grip across the entire top surface of the bumpers to keep your grip locked in and on target."

Are you anxious to buy one of these environmentally friendly controllers? Thankfully, you won't have to wait very long to buy them here. The Electric Volt model can be had on April 27 for $65, while the Daystrike Camo will be available on May 4 for just $5 more.

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