Kensington launches K62330WW VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key for Windows 10

Windows 10 is a great operating system for several reasons. For instance, it is stable, secure, and compatible with a ton of hardware. Microsoft has done a phenomenal job of making Windows 10 better year after year.

One of my favorite aspects of Windows 10 is Windows Hello -- the biometic security system that allows you to unlock your PC with your face or a fingerprint. Biometric unlocking on Linux is pretty much non-existent for typical desktop users, which is very annoying. Apple's macOS has Touch ID with compatible laptops, but it can't be used immediately after a boot like Window Hello can. You also can't add Touch ID to a Mac using USB like you can with Windows 10 and Windows Hello.

While many laptops have integrated Windows Hello cameras and fingerprint readers, what about desktop users? For them, they can simply purchase a USB reader or camera to add the Hello feature. If you are interested in adding a Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint reader to your Windows desktop, you should check out Kensington's "VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key" which carries model number K62330WW.

"The VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key, which features a long 3.9-foot USB cable enabling placement virtually anywhere on the desktop, is a versatile biometric security solution that supports single-factor, dual-factor, multi-factor, and Tap-and-Go authentication. The TAA-compliant device, which combines superior biometric performance and 360-degree readability with anti-spoofing technology, can be deployed in the enterprise to support cybersecurity measures consistent with privacy laws and regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation, Biometric Information Privacy Act, and California Consumer Privacy Act," says Kensington.

The company shares features of the VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key below.

  • Encrypted end-to-end security -- Match-in-Sensor fingerprint technology protects unsecured fingerprint data by storing data in the sensor and only transferring an encrypted match. Exceeds industry standards for False Rejection Rate (FRR 2 percent) and False Acceptance Rate (FAR 0.001 percent).
  • Expanded authentication options -- With the ability to store up to 10 fingerprints, the FIDO U2F-certified and FIDO2 WebAuthn-compatible fingerprint key provides authentication support across major browsers. Tap-and-Go allows the user to simply place their finger on the key to enable a security token experience.
  • Windows Hello-certified -- Provides seamless integration with Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business, and is compatible with additional Microsoft services, providing easy integration into current IT infrastructures.

The Kensington K62330WW VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key for Windows 10 can be had here immediately. Pricing is set at a penny less than $75. While there are less expensive options out there, this is definitely one of the better models I have seen -- especially for desktops. The cord is nice and long and it should look attractive on a desk. Not to mention, Kensington is a brand you can trust, unlike some of the no-name offerings found on Amazon.

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