Creative Sound Blaster GC7 is a USB DAC and amp with Super X-Fi for gaming streamers

If you want to be a world famous video game streamer on Twitch or YouTube, nothing is more important than having an interesting personality or gimmick. It doesn't matter how good you actually are at playing video games; if you are a boring person, no one will tune in. As more and more people stream themselves nowadays, it is important to have quality hardware too. Viewers want good audio and video quality.

Creative has long been the king of computer audio, and its newest product should be very interesting to both gamers and game streamers. Called "Sound Blaster GC7," it serves as both a USB DAC and amplifier, and it has intuitive controls with big knobs and buttons. It even features Creative's legendary "Super X-Fi" technology. And yes, as a gaming product, it of course has RGB lighting too.

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"The Sound Blaster GC7 is an audiophile-class DAC that offers lower noise floor, lower distortion, and more distinct individual sound effects. Users can also stream at up to 24-bit / 192 kHz PCM playback and can support up to 7.1 virtual surround on both headphones and speakers along with Dolby Digital decoding for a cinematic audio experience for gaming, as well as movies and music," says Creative.

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"The Sound Blaster GC7 is ergonomically designed for ease of use -- with intuitive one-handed controls, gamers can make seamless adjustments on the fly easily, and focus on making all the right moves to clinch the crucial win. It also comes with four fully programmable buttons, allowing users to program shortcuts to their liking -- for example, launching swift maneuvers during a live stream will be a breeze without having to fuss over the specific controls."

Creative shares specifications below.

GameVoice MixWindows, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5 (requires optical-out)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)For Mobile app control
ControlsMaster volume dial, GameVoice Mix dial, SXFI button, Surround button, Bass button, Treble button, Mic button, Rotary dial, Mic mute / unmute button, Power button, Platform mode switch, Headphone gain switch
Audio SpecificationsPCM Stereo Output @ 24-Bit / 192kHz, 32–300Ω headphone support, < 2Ω headphone output impedance, Dolby Audio 5.1 channels to virtualized 2 channel decoding, Support following playback frequencies in DSP mode up to 24-Bits:
PCM 44.1, 48.0, 96.0, 192.0 kHz
Low noise floor of < -120 dB
Connectivity Options (Main)USB Type C connector, 1 x Power Switch, 1 x 3.5mm 3-pole mic-in, 1 x 3.5 mm Line-in, 1 x 3.5mm 4-pole headset-in, 1 x Optical input, 1 x Optical output, 1 x 3.5mm Line-out
Package contents1x Sound Blaster GC7
1x USB-C to USB-A Cable
1x Optical Cable
1x 3.5 mm AUX-in Cable

The Sound Blaster GC7 USB DAC and amplifier can be purchased immediately here from Creative directly. The company is asking $169.99, which is pricier than many other USB DACs and amplifiers. With that said, the GC7 looks absolutely exquisite in its design, so if you care about aesthetics, it might be worth the premium.

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