A blue Nintendo Switch Lite is on the way

In the good ol' days of video games, we didn't really care what the console or the controllers looked like -- it was just about playing the games. Nowadays, however, the kiddies seem to love having unique colors and designs for hardware -- a way to stand out from their friends, maybe. Microsoft, for instance, absolutely litters the market with differently styled Xbox controllers.

Nintendo is not immune to this trend, and the company has long released different colors and variants of its hardware. The Nintendo Switch Lite, for instance, can be had in several colors, but later in the year, yet another color will become available -- blue. While I am usually a fan of that color, I must say Nintendo has chosen one of the ugliest shades possible. Yuck!

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"On May 21, a Nintendo Switch Lite system is launching with a new blue color. The blue Nintendo Switch Lite will be available for purchase at a suggested retail price of $199.99. By expanding the existing range of color options for the system, which includes coral, yellow, gray, and turquoise, the blue Nintendo Switch Lite gives you more options to express your personal gaming style wherever you choose to play," explains Nintendo.

Of all the available Nintendo Switch Lite colors, coral is definitely my favorite. This new blue is undoubtedly the one I dislike the most -- it appears almost purple to me. With that said, everyone has different tastes and opinions, so I am sure some folks will go crazy for this new blue variant.

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