Microsoft adds Kids Mode to its Edge browser -- Here's how to launch it

Yesterday, Microsoft released two new updates for Windows 10 that, among other things, killed off the legacy Edge browser. There’s no question that the Chromium-based successor to that browser is a huge improvement, and today the software giant makes it even more useful for families.

The new Microsoft Edge Kids Mode gives parents more peace of mind when their offspring are browsing the web, which is great news as children are online more than ever these days.

Liat Ben-Zur, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft explains the purpose of the new feature:


Our research tells us that about 50 percent of U.S. parents are impacted by what we call the "hand-off scenario." This is that all too familiar situation of letting your child access the web from a shared device when you’re working, making dinner, picking up scattered toys, or doing any of the million things parents do daily. For U.S. parents with children aged 12 and younger, 58 percent are concerned with the issues their children face when using digital products and services, and while the majority are aware of parental control solutions, only about half are actually using one today.

We started digging into this and found that while there are a lot of great solutions in the market today, they often entail a laborious set-up, can require a subscription, and generally don’t offer anything for the other users of their service: kids.

Ultimately, this is what inspired us to roll up our sleeves and create a new mode built natively into Microsoft Edge.

If you want to enable Kids Mode in Edge, follow these steps:

  • Click on your account profile in the upper right corner of Edge
  • Select "Browse in Kids Mode."
  • Choose the appropriate age range for your child, either 5-8 or 9-12.

You can learn more about Kids Mode here or watch the video below.

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