Microsoft announces surprise change to Windows 10 Aero Shake

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We've already written about the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21364 and some of the great new features and options it includes. But it seems that Microsoft forgot to mention a change that was introduced in this particular version of the operating system.

As such, the company has published updated release notes for build 21364 of Windows 10, notifying users that Aero Shake -- the feature that lets you grab a window by the title bar and 'shake' it to minimize all other windows -- is undergoing something of a change.

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The Aero Shake gesture has been part of the operating system since the days of Windows 7, and it has proved a little divisive; and it's safe to say that the change will likely be as divisive as well. Microsoft is not killing off the windows minimizing shortcut, but it is going to be disabled by default. Additionally, a new option has been introduced in Settings so the feature can be toggled.

In the updated release notes for build 21364, Microsoft says:

You can now turn off Aero Shake via Settings > System > Multitasking and choosing the "off" toggle under "Title bar window shake". This setting is now off by default so for those who want it back will need to turn this setting on.

With many people only discovering Aero Shake by accident when vigorously waggling a temperamental mouse, turning the feature off by default is arguably a good move by Microsoft. But for fans of the windows minimizing gesture, the change means that reinstallations of Windows 10 will in future mean having to remember to re-enable the setting by hand.

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