Here are all of the known issues with Windows 10 May 2021 Update (21H1)

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Earlier today, Microsoft pushed the big red (imaginary) button to start the roll out of the Windows 10 May 2021 Update (or Windows 10 21H1), and already some issues with it have been acknowledged by the software giant.

Since the roll out is only just beginning it’s perhaps not a huge surprise that there aren’t many known issues at the moment, but one in particular could be incredibly annoying for anyone who encounters it. Here's the list of issues Microsoft is admitting to so far.


The main known bug is one we reported on previously, which involved an update causing high-pitched sound issues for some users.

The other (less annoying) issue concerns automatic input of Furigana when using the Microsoft Japanese Input Method Editor (IME).

Here's the current full list of known issues as shared by Microsoft:

SummaryOriginating updateStatusLast updated
A high-pitched noise might be heard when using 5.1 audio with certain settings
Certain combinations of apps, audio devices and Windows settings might produce a high-pitched noise when using 5.1 audio
09:04 PT
Automatic input of Furigana might not work as expected
In certain circumstances, the automatic Furigana input/conversion feature may not work as expected in apps.
09:03 PT

It’s a safe bet that more issues will come to light in the coming weeks and months as greater numbers of people install the new update.

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