Microsoft says it will stop supporting Windows 10 in 2025

We know that Microsoft is set to make a big announcement regarding the next generation of its Windows operating system in a couple of weeks.

What we don’t know for certain is if the successor will be called Windows 11, Windows Sun Valley, or something else entirely. However, what we do now know, is that Windows 10 is definitely on the way out.

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According to the Windows 10 Home and Pro lifecycle page, Microsoft will retire Windows 10 on 10/14/2025.

The banner at the top of the page headed "Important" says: "Microsoft will continue to support at least one Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel until October 14, 2025."

When end-of-life happens, the operating system will no longer receive security or quality updates, although Microsoft may decide to extend the deadline slightly at some point in the future, as it did with Windows 7.

Once support ends, users will no longer be able to contact Microsoft for advice in the event of problems with that OS.

The information that Microsoft leaked by accident yesterday, suggests that it will run the new version of its operating system alongside Windows 10 for the time being at least, which would be in keeping with the retirement date. This would give users a decent amount of time to transition from one OS to the other, rather than being forced to upgrade early, as was the case in 2016 when Microsoft upgraded some Windows 7 users to Windows 10 against their will.

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