Tubi now boasts 55+ live news channels

There are far too many TV services online these days for me to even begin to name them. What started with novelties like Netflix and Hulu soon became no novelty at all, but a billion-dollar industry and live TV soon followed with things like Sling and YouTube TV. 

But don’t discount the lesser-known ones. Just because they’re free doesn’t mean they have less to offer. Sure, you may not get a first-run movie or original content, but what you do get is very much still worth it.

Tubi, one such services, is a place where you can watch anything from that three-year-old movie you still haven’t seen to replays of TV show episodes you love. There are even old cartoons to take you back to your youth -- The Flintstones, Scooby Doo and a bunch more. 

A little while back the service introduced live TV in the form of a few news channels. It showed enough success that the number has swelled and today the service announces it now has 55+ new stations. The plus is for the fact it’s still growing. 

You can get everything from network news from major sources Like NBC, Fox and Bloomberg, and 24 hour weather from Weather Nation. Fox has brought quite a few of its local affiliates to the service, so you can watch news from major markets that range from Seattle to New York City. 

Tubi is becoming a very good all-around service. The app is worth downloading (you can watch on a computer direct from the web if you prefer). Yes, there are commercials but Tubi handles them fairly well. A half hour show simply has an ad-break once, about two minutes in the middle. 

You can visit TubiTV to get started.  

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