Twitter will let you know why you're not worthy (of being verified)

We're not worthy

Twitter may delight and infuriate in just about equal measure, but if there's one thing that the majority of users can agree on it is that it would be great to have a tick of verification. For many people, getting verified on Twitter has been a goal for a long time, and the company only recently re-opened applications after a lengthy period of suspension.

Being able to apply for Twitter verification is, of course, absolutely no guarantee of being verified, and huge number of people have been disappointed to be rejected. Unhelpfully, Twitter has -- until now -- failed to make it clear why a request for a blue badge has been denied. But now the company says it will be providing more detail.

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In a series of tweets from the Twitter Verified account, the company explains: "We've heard your feedback that we can be more clear on why an application didn't get approved". It goes on to say: "Decision emails will now give more context on why requests don't meet our criteria".

The subsequent tweets then give an insight into the sorts of things Twitter considers when deciding whether to verify an account or not. While not an exhaustive list (Twitter says it is just "some things to note before applying again") it should help people avoid making mistakes during the application process, and make it clear whether it is worth applying at all:

Armed with all of this information, you can not only make sure that you meet the criteria, but also ensure that your profile is appropriately tweaked before you apply for the verified tick.

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