Users already have problems with the Windows 11 beta

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Although it is a little while since Microsoft announced Windows 11 -- and there have already been several Dev builds released -- it is just days since the first Beta build was made available.

On the face of things, the availability of a Beta build should mean a more stable version of the operating system, but that's not to say there aren't problems. Of course, being beta software means that bugs and issues are to be expected, but it is the switch from the Dev to the Beta channel that is causing some people trouble. And the issue? Windows 11's system requirements, of course.

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Take a look at the Windows Insider Twitter account and you'll see complaints from lots of people who are having trouble switching from the Dev channel to the Beta channel. One of the problems people are encountering is the divisive system requirements for Windows 11.

There have already been many complaints about the hardware requirements Microsoft has put in place for Windows 11, largely because they cut many perfectly capable systems out of the picture.

With the Dev build of Windows 11, Microsoft eased up on system requirements, and allowed people to install the operating system on hardware that will not be compatible with the final build. With the release of the first Beta build, the requirements are now being applied, much to user's chagrin.

Microsoft explained to one user on Twitter:

This should not really come as a surprise, not least because Microsoft had made this clear previously. But for people who excitedly install the Dev build of Windows 11 only to find that the Beta -- and therefore the RTM -- build does not work, it is massive disappointment.

Switching channels on hardware that is fully compatible with Windows 11 is problem-free:

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In fact, making the jump from Dev to Beta is something that Microsoft strongly recommends. As well as pointing out that "your feedback has the greatest impact" in the Beta channel, Microsoft also says that right now is the ideal time to make the switch because of parity between Dev and Beta builds at the moment:

It is also worth mentioning that sticking with the Dev channel not only means using a potentially unstable build, there is a hurdle to overcome when Windows 11 goes gold later in the year:

So now really is a good time to move to the Beta channel. Check here for details.

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