This is Google Pixel 5a with 5G

If you are a hardcore Android user, you should buy a Pixel. Google’s smartphones may not have the best specifications, but they do offer the purest Android experience. They are the only way to truly experience Android as Google intends it -- including timely OS updates. They are free of bloat, unlocked, and often very affordable. Best of all, they offer a remarkable photography experience.

Today, Google officially announces the oft-rumored Pixel 5a with 5G. It isn’t a flagship device, but with a reasonable $449 asking price, the Android 11 smartphone looks to be a great value. The 6.34-inch OLED screen features a respectable 2400x1080 resolution, while the 12.2 MP dual-pixel and 16 MP ultrawide rear cameras should take exceptional photos. While it does get water resistance, the Pixel 5a with 5G lacks wireless charging -- you must use USB-C to charge the 4680 mAh battery.

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"The Pixel 5a with 5G has a Snapdragon 765G 5G Mobile Platform, Titan M security module for on-device security, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. All of that power helps deliver breathtaking graphics on our 6.34-inch OLED bezel-less screen. With features like fast-charging and Adaptive Battery, your phone will be ready all-day, especially when you need it most. With Extreme Battery Saver, it can last even longer -- up to 48 hours on a single charge," says Brian Rakowski, Product Management VP, Google.

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Rakowski further says, "The Pixel 5a with 5G features our high-performing dual-camera system, with a rear-facing ultrawide lens that captures a huge field of view. Portrait Light helps you get the light just right on a face, and Cinematic Pan keeps your video steady and smooth. For the first time ever within the A-series of Pixel devices, we're adding IP67 water and dust resistance."

As previously stated, the Google Pixel 5a with 5G will sell for a penny shy of $450. If you want to buy your own, you can pre-order the smartphone here immediately. With that said, it won't begin shipping until August 26. You can also pre-order a protective case here for $29. The case can be had in your choice of four colors -- Black Moss, Maybe Moon, Likely Lime, and Partially Pink.

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