PowerToys is getting a Windows 11 makeover

Windows 11 PowerToys

The PowerToys collection of utilities is much loved, and understandably so. Over the last couple of years, developers have been busy bringing more and more tools to Windows 10 users and now there is something for Windows 11 users.

For now, there is no word about new, Windows 11-specifc PowerToys utilities, but users of the latest version of Microsoft's operating system do have a design overhaul to look forward to.

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Given the new look and design language that has been implemented in Windows 11, it is little wonder that PowerToys is getting a redesign to match. It creates a far better sense of integration with the operating system, and it also improves things from an accessibility point of view.

Microsoft MVP Niels Laute used Twitter to share a video showing off the redesigned Settings for PowerToys that closely matches that found in Windows 11:

Over on GitHub, a pull request from last month details some of the advantages of the new-look for Settings:

  • New, beautiful look and feel :)
  • Easier to maintain: new standardized controls can now be edited once and will trickle down to all pages!
  • Now inline with Windows 11 Settings UX
  • Many accessibility improvements

There is no news about just when the new look will roll out to users, but with the pace of PowerToys development being what it is, it probably won't be too long.

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