GeIL EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory has integrated cooling fans

Actively-cooled computer memory is nothing new. For many years, companies have offered add-on fans that clip onto your RAM sticks in an effort to reduce heat. Some computer-makers even sell machines with these fans installed from the factory.

Today, however, GeIL takes actively-cooled RAM to a whole new level. You see, its new "EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory" (yes, that is the full product name) comes with little fans built into the heat spreaders! Apparently, these fans are powered by the RAM slot and no additional power source is needed. How friggin' sweet is that? And yes, as the product name implies, this RAM offers customizable RGB lighting too.

"GeIL has crafted a break-through cooling solution for EVO V modules that integrates a stunning RGB light bar and two micro cooling fans into a single molded aluminum heat shield. Most importantly, the physical height of the heat spreader allows it to be compatible with most CPU coolers on the market without any mechanical interference,"explains GeIL.

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The company adds, "The heat spreader comes in two color options, titanium gray and glacier white, perfectly matching the most popular color themes of high-end motherboards and desktop PC components. Two cooling fans are located in the heatshield's upper right and left corners and provide extra airflow to keep the modules operating in an ideal thermal range. The dual-fan cooling heatshield can provide approximately 45 percent more thermal dissipation than traditional."

GeIL shares specifications below.

Product NameEVO V 
DDR Generation DDR5
Frequency 4800MHz / 5200MHz (O.C.) / 5600MHz (O.C.) / 6000MHz (O.C.) / 6200MHz (O.C.) / 6400MHz (O.C.) / 6600MHz (O.C.)
Kit Capacity 32GB / 64GB
Module Capacity 16GB / 32GB
PackageDual Pack 
CAS Latency CL 34~40
Operating Voltage 1.10V~1.35V
Heat Spreader ColorsTitanium Grey / Glacier White
CompatibilityIntel XMP 3.0 (O.C.)
Country of Origin Designed & Made in Taiwan

Sadly, GeIL has not yet communicated pricing or availability for this new product. In other words, we do not yet know how much the EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory will cost or when exactly it can be purchased. What we do know for sure, however, is the RAM will be offered in both Titanium Grey and Glacier White colors -- both of which look absolutely beautiful. With all of that said, the memory should hopefully be available here very soon.

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