GEEKOM launches mini PC Summer Sale

Times are hard right now for many people; everything is extremely expensive, including gasoline and groceries. Many economic experts predict we will soon enter a recession -- if we haven't already.

And yet, despite the financial woes many are currently experiencing, consumers still need to buy computers. Look, for most people, it simply isn't feasible to live a successful life nowadays without having a computer -- especially with so many jobs being remote since the pandemic happened.

Thankfully, computer-maker GEEKOM is trying to make computer-ownership more affordable. You see, the company has launched a special Summer Sale which sees several of its NUC-like mini PCs receiving significant discounts. This sale includes miniature desktop computers powered by Intel processors that are perfect for those that don't have a lot of desk space.


With the coupon code, pricing starts at just $209, making it extremely affordable. Cost increases as you choose better specifications, obviously, but even the least expensive offering is very capable for both basic work and home use.

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The GEEKOM Summer Sale is live here now. Please know, it only runs until the end of the month, so you should act fast! During the promotion, the first three orders each day (over $200) will receive a free gift.

The special coupons can be seen below.

ProductsConfigureList PriceDeal PriceCoupon Code
GEEKOM Mini IT8 i516+512449409geekdit8
GEEKOM Mini IT8 i58+256379339geekdit8hi
GEEKOM MiniAir 118+256239209geekdair
GEEKOM Mini IT11 i516+512549525geekdit11
GEEKOM Mini IT11 i716+512639615geekdit11hi

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