CORSAIR K100 AIR wireless mechanical keyboard is shockingly thin

Mechanical keyboards are rather wonderful, but they are typically very tall and chunky too. The keys are often quite high, leading to wrist and/or finger fatigue for some users. While I love the feedback and accuracy of some mechanical keyboards, I often appreciate slim offerings such as Apple's Magic Keyboard.

What if a keyboard could offer the best of both worlds, however? Could a keyboard use premium mechanical keyswitches while also being super slim? Apparently, yes. You see, the all-new CORSAIR K100 AIR is a mechanical keyboard that is shockingly thin.

K100 AIR has a number pad and dedicated media buttons. Not only can it connect to your PC wirelessly using Bluetooth or a Slipstream USB wireless dongle, but it can also serve as a wired keyboard too. The USB-C cable is even detachable! The K100 AIR also features 8MB of onboard storage for storing profiles and settings. And yes, the keyboard has customizable RGB backlighting too.

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"With an unbelievably thin frame measuring just 11mm at its slimmest point and a clean, minimalist aesthetic, the K100 AIR fits right in on any desktop or workstation. Hyper-responsive CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical keyswitches provide the satisfying, tactile, and reliable keystrokes that users demand, without the height of a full-size keyswitch," says CORSAIR.

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The popular company adds, "The K100 AIR offers three ways to connect to a multitude of devices: hyper-fast SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, low-latency Bluetooth on up to three host devices, or USB wired mode on PC and Mac that enables 8,000Hz hyper-polling for the most responsive gaming performance. The keyboard’s long-lasting battery provides a robust 50 hours of life with brilliant RGB backlighting, or up to a massive 200 hours with backlighting off, so you can go more than a week at a time between charges."

While CORSAIR has not yet shared pricing officially, I predict it will cost more than $200. Thankfully, the company has revealed when you can buy it. The K100 AIR wireless mechanical keyboard will be available here on October 8, 2022 -- a month from today. It will come with a two-year warranty.

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