ChromeOS Redesigned shows us a possible future of Google's Linux-based operating system

Google ChromeOS Redesigned

Google’s ChromeOS is incredibly popular, particularly among students. It’s easy to see why as it’s lightweight, fast, and secure.

There is a slight learning curve to it though, especially if you’ve been using a different operating system for years, like Windows or macOS.

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Prolific concept creator Addy Visuals, whose past creations include Windows XP 2022 Edition and Windows 7 2022 Edition, has put his creative abilities into imagining what a future version of ChromeOS might look like, and it’s stunning.

Addy has cleverly blended ChromeOS with features from other operating systems. So there’s a new Task Bar which shows you more than ever, a reorganized menu crafted for easier experiences, and every menu has been organized into your most used actions.

There’s also a new Activities feature on the Task Bar which includes currently playing music and calendar reminders.

There’s a Quick Settings feature so you can toggle and switch easier, and there’s also the option to add widgets to the desktop.

You can switch between available modes too -- Edit Mode, New Desktop, and Settings.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think of it, and this vision for a new version of ChromeOS, in the comments below.

The wallpapers that Addy designed for this concept (including Light and Dark variations) are available to download from here.

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