Windows 7 2022 Edition is everything Windows 11 should be, but isn't

Windows 11 adoption isn't happening as fast as Microsoft would like, but that’s partly down to the fact that Windows 10 suits most people fine; they know where they are with it, and it doesn’t have the same strict hardware requirements as the latest OS.

For a lot of people though, Windows 7 remains the best operating system Microsoft ever made. If you were wondering how it might look if it was released today, we have the answer.

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Prolific concept creator Addy Visuals, whose past creations include Windows XP 2022 Edition, has put his creative abilities into imagining what a modern version of Windows 7 might look like, and it’s stunning.

Given the tagline of 'Your PC, Simplified', his take on the OS is exactly that. It’s simple, but with a stylish look and modern elements like Desktops, tabbed File Explorer, and Dynamic Wallpapers. There’s also a handy search bar.

One thing fans of Windows 7 will definitely appreciate in this concept is the Start menu which does away with tiles completely.

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Take a look at the video and let us know what you think of it, and this vision for Windows 7 2022 Edition, in the comments below.

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