Windows XP 2022 Edition is everything Windows 11 should be

Windows users currently have a choice of two (supported) operating systems -- Windows 10 or Windows 11. While Microsoft would prefer users to be running the latest OS, adoption of Windows 11 has slowed dramatically in recent months.

When Windows XP first arrived back in 2001 it really shook things up with its revolutionary design and playful color scheme. If you were wondering how it might look if it was released today, we have the answer.

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Prolific concept creator Addy Visuals has put his creative abilities into imagining what a modern version of XP might look like.

Given the tagline of 'Experience Again', his take on the OS has the look and color scheme of XP, blended with Windows 11 features, such as rounded corners and a centered taskbar and Start menu.

Addy's creation rocks a remastered version of the iconic Bliss wallpaper, but at one point he animates it, with the fluffy white clouds floating over the lush green hill, which is a great touch. And when XP goes into dark mode, the wallpaper looks as if it was taken at nighttime.

There are several nods to XP of the past here, including the return of the search companion Rover the dog, and 3D Pinball Space Cadet.

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Take a look at the video and let us know what you think of it, and this vision for Windows XP 2022 Edition, in the comments below.

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