DK31C3MNCR is a premium USB-C Docking Station for Chromebooks

A Chromebook is a laptop running Google's Linux-based ChromeOS operating system. However, when you connect such a notebook to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, it becomes a makeshift desktop computer.

The most elegant way to transform a laptop into a desktop is with a USB-C docking station. But how can you be sure your Chromebook is compatible? Well, if the dock is officially certified as "Works With Chromebook," then you can be assured that it will work flawlessly.

Popular dock-maker has a new such product that it is notable for being "Works With Chromebook" certified and VESA-mountable. Called "DK31C3MNCR," this premium dock offers 60 watts of USB-C power delivery, so it can charge your Chromebook while simultaneously providing several useful ports.

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On the front is the power button, USB-C host, 3.5mm audio, 1x USB-A (3.2 gen 2), and 1x USB-C (3.2 gen 2). the rear has 2x USB-A (2.0), 2x USB-A (3.2 gen 2), 1x USB-C (3.2 gen 2), gigabit Ethernet, two HDMI, and two DisplayPort. You can push up to three 4K displays at once.

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The company's Vice President of Product Development, Nirav Gandhi, explains, “'s partnership with Google on the development of this docking station through the Works With Chromebook certification program strengthens's commitment to IT Professional performance. IT professionals can rest easy knowing that this dock and our other WWCB certified devices meet Google's compatibility standards and work seamlessly with your Chromebook.”

The DK31C3MNCR USB-C Docking Station for Chromebooks is normally priced at $330.99. However, for a limited time, it can be purchased from Amazon here now for $249 -- that's a massive 25 percent discount.

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