Microsoft Edge 111 adds new Sidebar options, advanced History controls, security features and more

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It does not seem all that long since browser version numbers were single digits, but Microsoft Edge has now reached the 111 milestone -- for Insiders on the Dev channel, at least.

Available for Windows, iOS, Android and Linux (with the macOS edition promised "at a later date"), Microsoft Edge 111.0.1619.2 includes a number of interesting new features and settings. Highlights include a new option to personalize top side in the Sidebar, the ability to hide duplicate entries from History, and new protections against unwanted Start page and search engine changes.

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Introducing the features that have been added to Microsoft Edge 111, the insider teams says that iOS users have a new way to block ads, while users of all platforms now have the ability to import passwords from CSV files.

The full list of added features is as follows:

  • Microsoft Edge will now notify you if an external program illegitimate changes your start page and search engine settings and restore your previous settings.
  • Added Personalize my top sites in customize sidebar option in the Sidebar setting.
  • Added a Search bar in Customize sidebar to add sites.
  • You can now import passwords CSV file.
  • Added an option to hide duplicates in History.
  • iOS:
    • New Ad blocker feature now block ads with a long press.
    • Read aloud now allows you to select and read.
  • Enterprise:
    • New policy: (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
      • Added policy to clear chosen data from IE and IE mode on browser exit.
      • Added AutofillMembershipsEnabled Policy.

Microsoft also draws attention to the following changes in this latest Dev release:

Improved reliability:  

  • Fixed browser crash when removing apps from the Sidebar.
  • Fixed browser crash related to memory errors.
  • Fixed browser crash related to Address bar search.
  • Fixed browser crash related to Visual search.
  • Fixed browser crash related to Find on Page.
  • Fixed browser crash related to Image editor in the Sidebar pane.
  • Fixed PDF viewer crash related to highlighter, links, and keyboard focus.
  • Linux:
    • Fixed a browser crash related to user scripts on Ubuntu.
  • macOS:
    • Fixed browser crash related to PWA install/site as app install button.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed browser crash related to the update banner when using accessibility tools.
  • Android:
    • Fixed browser crash when signing out of MSA/AAD account.
  • Enterprise:
    • Fixed browser crash when selecting a file in the Windows File Picker.

Changed behavior: 

  • Sidebar will now Force Dark mode on apps.
  • Fixed rendering artifacts when scrolling on PDF. 
  • Fixed Taskbar pinning wizard window stuck on loading.
  • Fixed Internet Explorer compatibility settings from disappearing when refreshing the page.
  • Webpages from the History hub will now open in a new tab if the current tab isn’t a New Tab Page.
  • Fixed Group tabs from closing “edge://” tabs.
  • Fixed blank Share dialog.
  • Fixed the missing Zoom and Fullscreen buttons in Settings and more menu.
  • Fixed SSL certificate that caused services disruptions like downloading extensions, sync, collections, and others.
  • Fixed unable to install browser update.
  • Improved Ink performance.
  • Fixed Visual search button appears outside of the image.
  • Fixed the Setting page not displayed on screen after clicking on the Manage performance setting in Performance Hub from InPrivate window.
  • Fixed Search for text not displaying correctly in the Define dialog.
  • Fixed external links opening in a shared Workspace if there is a browser window from another profile open.
  • Fixed collab photo icons not displaying next to the share button in Workspaces.
  • Fixed unable to drag a Workspace name to the top of the Workspaces list.
  • Fixed Opening Workspace message stuck displaying after clicking on Move all tabs to new workspace.
  • Fixed an issue where logging out of sites like SharePoint in a Workspace caused everyone in that Workspace to log out of that site.
  • Fixed Access denied on OneNote file in Workspaces.
  • Fixed not showing proper pages after changing the Margins in Print preview.
  • Fixed 3rd party sidebar apps not syncing across devices.
  • macOS:
    • Fixed browser can’t update to the latest version.
    • Fixed Default workspace for external links setting not working correctly.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed Voice search not displaying the search result page.
    • Fixed address bar redirecting to search results instead of the URL website.
    • Fixed unable to tap on the  button on top sites.
    • Fixed the flash issue when launching.
    • Fixed MSA sign-in issue.
    • Fixed Read aloud script execution error.
    • Fixed Restore prompt shown even if there was no crash in the previous session.
  • Android:
    • Fixed sign-in dialog issue when logging in or switching to MSA.
    • Fixed Read Aloud not working with system voice.
    • Fixed Password monitor’s Scan now not working with a small number of saved passwords.
    • Fixed Newsfeed stuck on displaying in English.
  • WebView2:
    • Moved Experimental Tracking Prevention API to stable.
    • Fixed Object not found issue on a new blank window.
    • Fixed tapping on a text field does not trigger the on-screen keyboard (#10508)
    • Fixed built-in DNS resolver caused a performance hit. (#3077)
    • Fixed drag and drop on WinRT.
    • Disabled built-in DSN resolver when the UWP app doesn’t have intranet capability to resolve the navigation performance issue. (#3077)
    • Fixed disabled default script dialog is shown after WebView2.Close() is called. (#2677)
    • Fixed times out issue when writing to CoreWebView2SharedBuffer. (#3108)
    • Fixed System.ArgumentException after call HostObject method that returns non-generic Task. (#2787)
  • Enterprise:
    • Fixed about://management page not loading correctly.
    • Fixed not displaying a white blank preview in the App switcher on Android.
    • Fixed Sign in failed (360) message when logging in on Android.
    • Fixed the account switch button not working on Android.
    • Fixed IE mode windows size issues on High DPI monitors.
    • Fixed can’t open HTML attachment file when tapping on Open Edge button from Outlook app on iOS.
    • Fixed the authentication issue in certain scenarios with MDM configurations on iOS.
    • Fixed Optional diagnostic data setting could be turned on after logging out of AAD even with disableShareUsageData and disableShareBrowsingHistory policies set on iOS.
    • Fixed stuck on Protecting your App Screen message or loading circle when users select their prepopulated accounts on iOS.
    • Fixed RestoreOnStartupUserURLsEnabled policy not working on macOS. (#459)

Image credit: rafapress / depositphotos

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