Linksys launches Velop Pro 6E Tri-Band mesh Wi-Fi system

Today, Linksys unveils its latest network offering. Called “Velop Pro 6E,” it's the inaugural product of the company’s new Designer Series. It features a "nature inspired" droplet design and is equipped with a host of advanced features aimed at providing an unbeatable Wi-Fi 6E experience at a cost-effective price.

The Velop Pro 6E, available in colors such as Carbon Black, Pebble Gray, and Pure White, is a clear response to market demand for home network devices that not only provide superior connectivity but also blend seamlessly with home decor. "Today a Connected Home with ubiquitous Wi-Fi is the new normal, but people want the network devices to blend into their decor,” said Vice President of Experience, Jeevan Patil.

Powered by the Qualcomm Immersive Home 316 Platform, the Velop Pro 6E promises impressive range and coverage, supporting a faster and wider Wi-Fi 6E connection that caters to an increased number of devices on the network. The addition of a 6GHz band connection under Wi-Fi 6E reduces interference and enhances the speed to connected devices.

Aside from its advanced technical features, the Velop Pro 6E also stands out for its ease of setup. Using the Linksys Mobile App, the device can be up and running in less than 10 minutes, a significant time reduction compared to previous models. "People not only want the home network device to blend in, but they want to install it quickly,” said Principal Engineer, Michael Forbes.

The Velop Pro 6E comes in three configurations with the 1-pack covering an area of ~3,000 square feet and priced at $199.99. The 2-pack ($349.99) and 3-pack ($499.99) extend the coverage to ~6,000 and ~9,000 square feet respectively.

The device is not just designed for performance but also for security and convenience. It offers features like automatic security updates, a separate guest network, and advanced app features. Moreover, it boasts Fortinet DNS Filtering, a service powered by Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs threat research team, offering protection against connections to malicious or inappropriate websites and content.

The Velop Pro 6E is set to hit physical store shelves on July 16th, but the Pure White model seems to be in stock now at You can use the below links to buy it today.

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