Microsoft warns that some versions of Windows 11 are approaching end of servicing

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Microsoft is always eager for as many people as possible to be using the very latest versions of Windows. This not only means encouraging users to upgrade to Windows 11, but also ensuring that the majority are running the most recent version of Windows 11.

To promote this idea, Microsoft gives each edition of Windows a product lifecycle during which it will be fully supported. One such period is coming to an end, and the company has issued a reminder to users of Windows 11 21H2 that they need to update very soon.

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The end of service announcement is not really new information, more of a timely reminder from Microsoft. It is a deadline that affect users of Windows 11 Home and three different editions of Windows 11 Pro (Pro, Pro for Workstations and Pro Education). When the big day rolls around, these versions of Windows will no longer receive monthly security updates.

Many users have already been automatically (or forcibly, depending on your point of view) updated to Windows 11 22H2 which is supported for longer and will receive updates for some time to come.

In a post on the Windows 11 lifecycle announcements page, Microsoft advises users:

Windows 11, version 21H2 will reach end of servicing on October 10, 2023. This applies to the following editions released in October of 2021:

- Windows 11 Home, version 21H2

- Windows 11 Pro, version 21H2

- Windows 11 Pro for Workstations, version 21H2

- Windows 11 Pro Education, version 21H2

These editions will no longer receive security updates after October 10, 2023. Customers who contact Microsoft Support after this date will be directed to update their device to the latest version of Windows 11 to remain supported.

While this announcement does not make clear the precise date on which support comes to an end, over on the lifecycle page  for Windows 11 Home and Pro, it is confirmed as October 10, 2023. Updating to Windows 11 22H2 gains users an extra year of support.

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