launches 4-Slot PCIe Expansion Chassis for Windows, Linux, and macOS

Popular accessory and component manufacturer,, has launched the innovative 4-Slot PCIe Expansion Chassis (4PCIE-PCIE-ENCLOSURE). This product essentially multiplies your machine's connectivity potential by adding four full-profile PCI Express slots. You technically gain three slots, as one existing slot in your machine is taken up by the companion card.

The Expansion Chassis offers a seamless way to incorporate PCIe cards including USB, Ethernet, SFP, Serial, and I/O cards into host systems with limited expansion slots. Specifically designed for servers and low-profile systems, this device can amplify the deployability of hardware while minimizing downtime.

The Expansion Chassis employs a single PCIe x2 slot on the motherboard to link with the chassis. It includes brackets for both full and low-profile computers. The design permits the use of PCIe cards where certain hardware (chipset) or firmware may be needed for specific applications, ranging from gigabit networking to I/O cards. It boasts redundant power options to prevent power failure in critical applications and a vented metal enclosure for quiet operation.

Prominent features of the 4-Slot PCIe Expansion Chassis include the following.

  • Four PCIe x1 slots enabled by one PCIe x2 slot on a computer
  • Metal enclosure with ventilation for silent operation
  • Redundant power options to prevent power failures or outages
  • A secure USB-C locking cable to prevent accidental disconnection
  • OS independence, thus no setup or driver downloads are required

The chassis' rugged build supports 4 PCIe x1 add-on cards, providing up to 10Gbps total bandwidth. It uses a proprietary USB-C PCIe x2 adapter card and a locking USB Type-C cable to connect with the host. The chassis also supports features such as Wake-on-LAN (WoL), PCI Express Advanced Error Reporting (AER), backwards compatibility, and multiple power capabilities.

The PCI Express expansion box communicates with the desktop computer or server via a host card (PCIe 2.0 x2) and the 5.9ft (1.8m) USB Type-C (USB-C) cable with screw-locks. It features support for PCI-E Advanced Error Reporting (AER) and EndPoint Cyclic Redundancy Check (ECRC).

Robustly built with SECC galvanized steel, the expansion chassis is designed to operate in harsh environments. The vented design allows for passive cooling and quiet operation. The device offers multiple power options and does not require driver installation, being OS independent and compatible with Windows, Linux, or macOS.

The 4-Slot PCIe Expansion Chassis can be purchased from Amazon here now for $553.45.

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